March 22, 2018 - 07:44:45

What do you think of The X-Files 11x10 - "My Struggle IV"?

That's it. It's over.

The last episode of The X-files aired last night and I'm still not sure... I need to make up my mind. Feel free to share your thoughts!

What do you think of The X-Files 11x10 -

Working on it

I actually liked it, it wasn't as bad as I thought. 7 votes
I'm just sad. 2 votes
I'm not sure what to make of it... 5 votes
I didn't like it. It was predictable. 3 votes

17 votes on this poll

April 4, 2018 - 02:56:10
April 4, 2018 - 02:56:10
Well Chris Carter once said that fans wishes were heard... that's strange, thinking that all we asked for was one kiss with decent lighting and that didn't even happen. Instead he made her pregnant at 54 after taking two children away from her for no reason... and the only reason he made them have sex earlier on this season was to go through with this slightly messed up storyline.

Thinking about it now I'm just sad it ended that way and the way it was handled. Chris Carter said he withheld the last 4 pages of the script from Gillian, and Gillian only, giving them to her the night they were shooting. She was the only one who didn't know what was happening, probably because he knew she wouldn't have been happy with it. And I think several of her tweets after the finale imply that I was right...

It's just not nice. That's not how you treat people who dedicated 25 years of their lives to your show.
March 25, 2018 - 23:04:23
March 25, 2018 - 23:04:23
I just like to think Mulder and Scully finally deserved that happy ending. My friend who had been watching from the start said it was a satisfactory and disappointing because William was erased due to Scully accepting that he was an experiment, that M&S's longing for their son is senseless. But satisfying in a way that both of them get the happy ending plus Scully being pregnant with their own child.
March 24, 2018 - 21:21:45
March 24, 2018 - 21:21:45
Love how it ended, leaving an opening for the saga to continue.
March 22, 2018 - 07:49:09
March 22, 2018 - 07:49:09
I wanted to be mad and sad but in the end I realized that I was okay with this. The episode wasn't quite as bad as I expected it to be... simply because it could have been a lot worse.

The truth is that I didn't trust Chris not to kill off one of his main characters so we did pretty well and whatever this episode was the fact is: Mulder and Scully finally get the happy ending they deserved decades ago.

I was so happy when she told him that she's pregnant although a part of me didn't like it, simply because it seems somewhat unreasonable considering Scully is 54 already and would have left it behind her already... I'm starting to understand why Gillian said she isn't sure whether she's happy.

I'm still angry there wasn't even a kiss or that they killed off Monica Reyes (and Skinner, too) she didn't deserve that. It was time someone put an end to CSM though...

Right I don't wanna look at all the things they f***** up simply because... Scully and Mulder will be happy together. End of story 😍

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