Why CBS Should Renew Salvation - The Fans #Salvies Speak Out!

Eve 1 September on 09:15

Summer TV season can be kind of tedious. It usually means killing some time by catching up on shows you left behind or just waiting for your favorite fall season shows to return. What a delight to unexpectedly discover a summer show that you start to love and become slightly obsessed with. Salvation is that show for me.

From day one, Salvation has been a roller-coaster ride with new and exciting developments at each and every turn. There is real tension in the main story of the asteroid hitting earth. The show also deals with a government cover-up, which works as a conspiracy thriller element that has you on the edge of your seat. It's not always made apparent who the good guys or bad guys are, which keeps you guessing. When you believe things are heading into a certain direction, the show always surprises by throwing you for a loop!

The cast is very diverse and exceptionally skilled with many variations of characters to identify with.
In the main cast we have Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale), the Pentagon official who we root for one minute and do not trust the next. Than there's intelligent, take no BS Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan), press secretary for the Pentagon, who is driven by saving the world and doing the 'right thing'. Grace starts trusting in Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera), a charming tech billionaire who teams up with MIT grad student Liam (Charlie Rowe) to come up with the key to earths' salvation.

Salvation doesn't only provide intrigue and science, we also get some romance. At the start of the show Grace and Harris have a relationship that they're hiding due to working together and office policies that come along with it. This relationship changes throughout the first few episodes. Liam finds himself involved with Jillian (Jacqueline Byers), an idealistic writer who starts working at Tanz Industries. Grace and Darius form an intriguing pair that make me wonder what happened in their past and what is in their future. You might call me a #Gracius shipper.

Salvation airs Wednesdays on CBS @9/8c.

To shine some additional light on this amazing show I asked fans all over social media to let me know why they love Salvation. Below you can read some of their enthusiastic responses!
Here's hoping CBS is paying attention!  

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