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ALWheaties 21 August on 11:26

Unleashed has been chosen as Telfie Buzz's August Movie of the Month.

In Unleashed, you have to be careful what you wish for! When Emma (Micucci)'s boyfriend broke her heart, she wishes her pets could become real men. Her dog, Summit, is lovingly played by Steve Howey. Her cat is craftily played by Justin Chatwin. Both love Emma and try to figure out how to navigate in the human world. They both want to win her heart and help her as she rescued them when they needed her most. It is due to be in theaters, iTunes, and Video On Demand on August 25. Be sure to check into the Telfie App to get an exclusive sticker at noon. It's adorable!

Unleashed has been released by Level 33 Entertainment and has a great cast. It stars Kate Micucci, Sean Astin, Steve Howey, Justin Chatwin, Hana Mae Lee, Josh Brener, and Illeana Douglas. Written and directed by Finn Taylor. I love the tag-line of the Unleashed movie poster, "Love is a four-legged word". It's hard not to fall in love with this movie!

Kate Micucci truly shines in Unleashed! She is such a lovely and talented young lady! She is a wonderful actress, voice actor, artist, comedian, singer and songwriter. Being in the movie must have been quite a passion project as it truly showcases most all of her talents. We get to see some of Kate's artwork sprinkled through out the film as well as in the opening and ending credits. We are also treated to three of her songs - "I Have A Crush On My Teacher", "Just Say When", and "Song For The Late Night People" can be heard in the film's soundtrack. Though her character in the film is not an artist or musician, it is a nice nod to Kate's immense talent.

When Emma's heart is broken, she moves to San Francisco, California with her beloved pets: a cat named Ajax and a dog named Summit. San Francisco is such a beautiful backdrop to the movie - from the Golden Gate Bridge to the ocean, everything is so beautifully shot. While there, she is able to meet Carl (Sean Astin). He helps her to find a "pet friendly" place to live. You can tell that he likes her from the start but is a bit shy. Carl is sweet and tries to help in any way he can. He is a handyman with an affinity for tiny homes. The tiny house is pretty cool and it makes me want one!

At work, Emma is the best at what she does. She is an app designer with a head for coding but her eyes are on the stars. Her best friend and co-worker, Nina (Hana Mae Lee, Lilly on Pitch Perfect), is constantly trying to help Emma and break her out of her shell. She is so funny! Nina warns Emma to be careful what she wishes for as astrologically, things can become real! What Emma can't help but wish is that her beloved pets could become real men as they have never let her down.

Emma's cat, Ajax, is smart, crafty, and a self-assured creature. When he transforms to a human man, the ladies go understandably wild. Justin Chatwin is so purrfect at portraying this feline that goes by the name Diego. He gets a job as a male model and brings a whole new dimension to the term "cat walk"! Emma's lovable, happy dog, Summit, is transformed into a human and takes on the name of Sam. (Perhaps this is a nod to Sean Astin's character in The Lord of The Rings - Samwise Gamgee), Sam is awesome! Steve Howey does such a fabulous job at portraying a sweet, lovable pup! Both "pets" want so badly to be able to go back home and to sleep with their owner, the way they used to - as a happy family. They each are going to try their best to make that happen. Emma rescued them when they needed her most; now it will be their turn to try to help rescue her.

So, what can your pets teach you about love? Probably a lot! Emma's pets try their best to teach their former owner a few new tricks. Both men go about trying to woo her in their own way, Diego as a suave, carefree suitor while Sam is sweet and considerate, always looking out for Emma's needs. Emma's boss Monty (Illeana Douglas) truly appreciates Sam's sweet outlook in life. He helps encourage her when she needs it most. With all this newfound male attention, Emma finds it hard to choose. Ultimately though, the "pets" only want what is best for Emma and what will make her happy. They see for her that true happiness would best happen with Carl (Sean Astin). Even though Emma had quite a bit of chemistry with her cat aka Diego, Carl and Emma are very cute together.

I don't think I stopped smiling from the moment this movie started. The saddest part for me was when it was over. I wished it was longer than an hour and a half. I truly enjoyed Unleashed and know that you will too. It had such a cute and positive message that you can not help but feel better for your time spent with Kate and her co-stars. Whether you are a pet lover or not, we all need to rescue one another. If we can look out for each other when we need it most, we will all be enriched indeed!

Incidentally, if you are a big Sean Astin fan like me, some of the scenes at the beach were shot at the same place they filmed Goonies.

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Unleashed is due to be in theaters, iTunes, and VOD on August 25!

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