The X-Files - Gillian Anderson Leaving And Other Things We Learned At The NYCC Panel!

JaneIsles 9 October on 03:20

The promise of getting a sneak peek for the upcoming season 11 of The X-Files has been highly anticipated ever since it has been announced and to be honest, this was the main reason we were there for! The X-Files doesn't premiere for another three months, the premiere is expected for January 2018, and although we were hoping for an actual date, there was nothing. 

I was hoping for something but apart from the usual "I can't talk about that" there wasn't much we got. Let's start from the beginning: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were joined by series creator Chris Carter and Mitch Pileggi, the panel was moderated by Michael Ausiello - shout out to that fabulous shirt and the pretty much fitting announcement of one Gillian Anderson: "She's a badass on screen and off. A role model for women, girls and gay men everywhere. A pop culture icon. Get up on your fucking feet and greet her like the fucking goddess she is."

So, since last night rumors of Gillian leaving The X-Files are going around but there's no reason to freak out just yet! Truth be told she has been saying that for ages and yet she kept coming back to reprise her role as Dr. Dana Scully. The thing is: season 11 hasn't even aired and, while the trailer looks fantastic, it doesn't mean there will be more in the future. Just because Chris Carter says he could go on forever doesn't mean it's actually going to happen. It's not his decision alone after all and none of the others have specifically said they would be returning? The rumor of a third movie has been going around for years and yet we still got nothing but a "never say never"... come on, you know how this works. And even if Gillian were to leave, or rather not returning for another season, then I'd accept that decision. Let them move on for god's sake. Don't get me wrong, I love The X-Files but I wouldn't blame them for wanting to leave it behind. And do you really think anyone would watch without Gillian as Scully?

I am still not quite sure what to make of that panel. Did we really learn anything new? Wasn't it the same old "I can't tell you anything about that" to "Mulder and Scully's relationship is just platonic..."? Give us a break. After it was hinted at Mulder and Scully getting closer again this season and "shippers were heard" we dared to get our hopes up but Chris Carter said: "They are getting close to kissing" which is pretty much the same thing we got in the previous years? No tongues though, no tongues. Who knows, we'll see about that. 

I'm not quite so sure whether Gillian was bored? It did feel a bit weird while I don't blame them, just coming in during the middle of shooting that new season... but from time to time I did have the feeling that she didn't want to be there which contributes to the feeling of being done with The X-Files. I get that, which brings me right down to the second part, the part that usually creeps me out and gives me major secondhand embarrassment... or is it just me? 

I mean it's been decades and fans are still asking the same lame and embarrassing questions again and again... come on, be a little more creative if you have the chance to ask these wonderful people an actual question! Just a hint for the future: If you ask them about any episode, referring to it by title, chances are pretty huge that they have no fucking clue what you are talking about! Gillian has, once more, proven that she usually doesn't remember shit and I love her for that. It never fails to be entertaining! 

Right, now that this is done, can we please talk about that trailer again? It did look epic, if you have missed it you need to watch it now:

If you ask me, this looks way better than season 10 and considering the fact that this is only the first half of the 10-episode season I'd say we're in for quite a journey. Can I just say that they both look amazing? And yes, that wig is far better than the one last season! It is important!!! I love that they are finally addressing William and season 11 will deal with them trying to find their son!

"He needs the boy, Mr. Mulder."

"My son is none of your business."

"He's a very special child."

We didn't get an answer as to whom he resembles more but Gillian said he's about the same height as Mulder and the actor, playing William, hasn't been revealed so maybe they're trying to keep him, and his face, a secret until the very end. Whether we will actually get to see him will also remain a mystery as Chris Carter said that "He's in the same position as Langley" when being asked how it could be that Langley seems alive. The thing is, did he just say that because he couldn't, or didn't want to talk, about it?

We learned that Gillian's daughter Piper, who has already been working on season 10, has joined the team again and is mostly responsible for easter eggs - hints to previous seasons that will be seen in the episodes! And, after 11 seasons Scully still won't get her own desk. While Chris Carter doesn't think it's a big deal, many others think it is and Gillian simply said that "she will be taking Mulder's..." We're with you on that, lady!

If you missed it, you can watch the panel here:

The X-Files will return in January 2018!

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