MagicCon 2017 - Sherlock's Louise Brealey on Molly, Reading Fanfics And Getting Naked...

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MagicCon 2017: 

Sherlock's Louise Brealey dishes on reading fanfiction, awkward fan encounters and getting naked to get out of a job!

When I left my place this morning - far too early if you ask me - I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Since I had never been to any fan convention before I had no idea what was happening but it was worth it!

I arrived, feeling somewhat out of place because I appeared to be the only one not wearing any kind of costume but that was ok. I've seen some pretty awesome things! Anyway, the first panel was the one with Louise Brealey and I actually remembered her from watching Sherlock, although I have to admit that I haven't seen all of it by now, but vividly remember that dramatic moment in the series finale when Sherlock tries to get Molly to tell him that he loves her, because I saw that during a screening in London. 



The lovely Louise Brealey has been portraying Molly Hooper in BBC's Sherlock from 2010 - 2017 alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. She played the specialist registrar, working in the morgue at  St. Bartholomew's Hospital with an obvious crush on said detective. 

When asked what inspired Louise to play Molly she talked about one of the most beautiful parts she has played: Sonya in the play Uncle Vanya. What was extraordinary about Sonya was that there is this unrequited love that doesn't diminish her in any way and it was fun to use that to portray Molly on screen. Another great inspiration was, of course, the great script so she really wanted to do that role!

When asked what Molly's philosophy in life might be, she admitted that she expected to be asked what it was like to kiss Benedict Cumberbatch instead. Although she didn't answer that question we got an answer to how Molly might be getting on with her life, needing a little advice here and there. 

Don't Dream It, Do It

This could be something Molly might be getting by with. She's a smart woman and the only failure in her life would be not trying and giving up. When it comes to Sherlock and that poor lady's unrequited love Louise would tell her to move on and find love somewhere else because the thought of having only one true love out there is pretty scary… how about at least 30? Gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find the right one! 

Louise honestly doesn't remember what was written on the note that Molly gave to Sherlock and it doesn't matter because it inspires the audience to use their imagination on what might have been which lead us straight to fan theories!

Apparently there are quite a few fan theories out there and Louise has actually read some of them with Mark Gatiss. Looks like some of them have been quite close to their actual ideas, leading them to change a few bits. 

While they were out there browsing the internet for fan theories Louise said she once stumbled upon fanfiction, thinking it might be a nice thing to read. Well, there's that thing with fanfictions. We know they exist and we all read them every now and then but I thought we all secretly agreed to pretend it doesn't exist? We really don't want you guys to read this, or don't tell us. After discovering that Molly had a nipple piercing - no idea what she was reading - she soon discovered that fanfics tend to have a little more sex in them then the actual tv show and she decided to stay away from that… wise decision. 

Let's go back to "The Final Problem". Louise really liked it, it was nice for Molly to have a bigger part since her role wasn't that big on the show and she would have loved for Molly to have an even bigger part on Sherlock. When asked how she felt about Molly being manipulated somehow she said she had absolutely no problem with that scene because it just showed what we all knew already and she's absolutely fed up with the belief that people, and especially women in media, have to be portrayed perfectly and as perfect human-beings!

It seems like the person with the funniest and most interesting stories is most definitely Una Stubbs (Mrs. Watson) who has been in the business forever and brought along a lot of experience and filthy stories. That's what she said: lots of dirty and amusing stories that she decided not to share but it was funny nonetheless!

Reading love letters with Benedict Cumberbatch

Back in 2008 Louise read love letters with Benedict for My Dear Bessie, describing it as beautiful and strange at the same time. She said that it sometimes felt like the letters, and the love messages, came from her and not her character but it was a wonderful experience. 

My Dear Bessie was produced for BBC Radio 4, have a look and listen over here: My Dear Bessie


Theatre and getting naked…

Louise hasn't failed to make us laugh and it was utterly delightful listening to her. Sometimes I can't, or don't want to even imagine, the things one has to put up with when dealing with fans. 

It was quite funny how she was concerned about stripping her clothes off for a play because her dad was going to be there - don't blame you! Luckily things didn't turn out the way they should have and the whole thing had never been a concern! Nevertheless there have been moments, and dreadful photoshoots, that people like to dig up every now and then. 

Seriously, why?

It makes me laugh how she dealt with that. When presented with a picture, that clearly had her nipples visible, to sign she just signed her name right on her boobs. Through the nipples one by one so it wouldn't be visible. Smart girl, that cracked me up. 

My favorite quote of the day is clearly "… getting my tits out to not get the job!" when talking about Casualty. 

Louise has recently starred in the six-part thriller Clique that concluded in April and will be taking a part in the upcoming British sitcom Black that will premiere in 2017!



Thank you for being so nice, it was a pleasure talking to you! 

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