Get for KING & COUNTRY And Priceless Movie Stickers Exclusively At Telfie!

ALWheaties 22 September on 14:35

Joel and Luke Smallbone make up the duo that is for KING & COUNTRY, the fabulous Christian music group behind the lovely movie Priceless! Priceless sheds light on the human trafficking trade and also shines light on programs that can help solve this problem. And now you can get two exclusive stickers at Telfie! The stickers are awesome and will be available for a limited time. Don't miss out! Priceless is now available at Redbox, on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download!

Check out my review from when Priceless was Telfie Buzz's April Movie Of The Month!

This lovely Priceless film ballad trailer features the background music of Joel and Luke Smallbone from 'for KING & COUNTRY' as they sing the main song "Priceless", also featuring actress Bianca Santos and 'I Was The Lion'. The Priceless theme song won "Song Of The Year" @klovefanawardsPriceless has been nominated for the @GMADoveAwards' 2017 "Inspirational Film of the Year."

The movie Priceless ends with a call to action: "The story continues with you... Help us provide safe houses, awareness, freedom! Partner with those leading the charge!" Evil prevails when good people do nothing. http://www.pricelessmovement.com/

for KING & COUNTRY's latest song is "O God Forgive Us' featuring KB. It is such a wonderful song and the children in it are so adorable! The two boys that are to look like the younger version of Luke and Joel (belong to Luke and Courtney). The third boy is hip hop artist KB's son. Ben Smallbone is the director of the music video as well as the movie Priceless.

The duo for KING & COUNTRY is currently on tour and will be on tour with Casting Crowns this Christmas season for their "A Glorious Christmas" Tour! Tour dates are as follows: Check out: http://forkingandcountry.com/

Be sure to check into the Telfie App to get two exclusive stickers! The Priceless sticker is awesome! It features a picture of cast members Joel Smallbone and Bianca A. Santos. The second sticker features Joel and Luke Smallbone make up the duo that is 'for KING & COUNTRY'! Awesome stickers! Be sure to get them! Many thanks to Belinda and Timm for helping me with the images below. You should check out Belinda's Sticker Book on Facebook. They are awesome!

To learn more about PricelessCheck out Twitter / Check out Facebook / Check out Instagram / Check out The Priceless Movement!

To learn more about for KING & COUNTRYCheck out TwitterCheck out FacebookCheck out InstagramCheck out their OFFICIAL Page!

Priceless is a wonderful movie! Here's some pictures from the film, behind the scenes clips, projects that we can help with, the cast from the film and where they are now. Priceless is now available at Redbox, on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download! Special note, many thanks to Kiera, Amber Midthunder and Josh Smallbone!

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