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Just seen the movie using boxxy software…rather exciting and really special… in some moments i understood that i needed a dubbings, not subtitlings, but second time i'll rewatch it with dubbings and it will be great!

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This movie gives tiny bits and pieces, show NOTHING important to the main plot and leave us wanting more. Ok, I’ll wait the next part I also know I’ll watch it also for free like this movie and many other movies when you are a boxxy software user.

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They should study this film in school, seriously! Of course it was a joke by the way this movie deserve your attention watch it using your boxxy software and enjoy the all scenes and it you need more, don’t forget, you always have adult content!

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This is how you do a goodfuckingmovie! Already included this movie in my fav movies on boxxy software. I pretty sure I re-watched it in short time and it was better than now

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My best friend had me a good lesson- never judge the movie if you don’t understand it very well. You always can re-watch it is using boxxy software and with dubbing or subtitling. Luckily boxxy has both of them in many languages. So for everyone who hated it give it another chance…

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